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Your time is precious, so we won’t waste it. With the authority to act on behalf of insurers and thanks to our in-house underwriters and administrators, we do everything more efficiently – from issuing policies (within hours), to changing them (within minutes) and settling claims.

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We don’t just do insurance quotes. Because we make an effort to get to know our clients and their businesses, we’re able to give face-to-face advice based on their unique risk profiles. We don’t have a call-centre, Novarti Insurance give you the direct phone numbers of your very own portfolio manager, as well as dedicated claims and underwriting team members. And, because we know you, we’ll always strive to do the right thing by you.

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While a specialist commercial/business insurance broker, Novarti Insurance brokers offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made personal and business insurance. Our insurance offerings include:

  1. Commercial and Business Insurance
    For small business or large commercial account, Novarti Insurance brokers understand the specific risks associated with your business and provide cover that is tailored to your business needs. Presenting alternatives to conventional insurance, we present specialised and innovative commercial/business insurance structures, developed to meet our client’s specific needs. Keep Reading
  2. Court Bonds
    With Novarti’s experience in the Court Bond market there is no need to look any further for all your Master of the High court needs:
    • Liquidation bondsNovarti understands the insolvency industry and the nature of liquidation bonds, including the short timelines required to enable practitioners to obtain certificates of appointment expeditiously. Coupled with our efficient service, Novarti in conjunction with its underwriters and Insurers have managed to secure sufficient capacity to service even the largest of bonds in the market.
    • Executor BondsWe offer Executor bonds to Attorneys, Accountants, and other professionals specialising in deceased estates. In addition to offering bonds for the full value of the estate, we offer attorneys top up cover on bonds which exceed their Law Society limits.
    • Curator Bonds Curators generally battle to find cover in the local market for bonds of this nature. Let Novarti solve this problem for you by arranging capacity for Curator Bonds of all sizes. We do both Curator Bonis Bonds relating to incapacitated persons' estates and Curator Bonds issued in terms of The Prevention of Organised Crime Act.
    • Asset Insurance Novarti services all your asset insurance needs, you can now place all matters relating to estates with Novarti, we are only a phone call away.
    • Executor Bonds There has been a recent surge in demand in the market from Trustees requiring bonds to the satisfaction of the Master. These bonds often relate to trusts set up in the administration of RAF payment proceeds. Novarti is able to source capacity in this regard from a large Insurer that is on the Master's panel and will assist in providing Trustees with these bonds.
    • The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) and Bond of Security for a Curator Bonishe Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) is a branch of the National Prosecuting Authority. Its mission is to "take the profit out of crime". In other words, the unit aims to ensure that crime does not pay by removing the benefits derived from criminal activity. The Asset Forfeiture Unit targets the proceeds of certain crimes in particular, namely economic crime (e.g. fraud and 419 scams), corruption, cases involving natural resources, brothels, drugs, precious metals, violent crimes such as robbery, housebreaking, theft and the possession of stolen property.
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  3. Professional Indemnity
    Insurance that Provides protection against financial loss resulting from a legal liability to a third party. Who needs professional indemnity insurance?
    • Attorneys
    • Built environment professionals:
    • Architects
    • Consulting Engineers
    • Design and Construct
    • Land Surveyors
    • Quantity Surveyors
    • Project Managers
    • Other built environment professionals
    • Accountants and Auditors
    • Estate Agents
    • Freight Forwarders
    • Computer Industry
    • Insurance Brokers
    • Underwriting Managers
    • Miscellaneous PI
    • Business Rescue Practitioners
    • Medical Malpractice
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  4. Marine Insurance
    Our marine insurance offering include:
    • Hull insurance
    • Cargo insurance (goods transported by sea, road, rail, air freight, post)
    • Total loss cover
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Liability cover
    • Container insurance
    • War zone risk
    • Inland transit insurance
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  5. Personal Insurance
    Our offering includes:
    • Home structure
    • Household content
    • Vehicles, caravans & trailers
    • Watercraft
    • Valuable items
    • Personal computers
    • Assist product
    • Excess waiver
    • Any other item
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  6. Cycle Insurance
    Our offering includes:
    • Theft
    • Hijacking
    • Damage in transit
    • Damage incurred whilst training
    • Damage incurred whilst racing
    • Legal Liability cover
    • Personal Accident cover
    • Other
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Settling your insurance claim efficiently depends a lot on the quality of information you provide to us. So, please take a moment to read below and find out what Novarti Insurance brokers will need from you to process your claim fast
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1 - Notify Us

Contact us, within 30 days of an event, on 0861 798 798 where one of our dedicated claims specialist will guide you through the process. Alternatively, you may complete the necessary claim forms and forward to us via fax on 011 475 3011 or e-mail to: enquiries@novarti.co.za Should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident and have the Novarti Assist extension of services as an addition on your policy towing needs to arranged by contacting the Novarti Assist line on: 0861 0861 56

2 - Notify the Police

Notify the Police, where applicable, and they will log the incident and give you a police reference (case number), which Novarti Insurance brokers will need to process your claim.

3 - Submit Documents

The Insurer might need supporting documents together with your completed claim form in order to finalise the claim. To assist you please contact Novarti Insurance brokers office where one of our dedicated claims specialists will guide you through the process.

4 - Standard Documents Needed

  1. Completed claim form.
  2. Damage report (if applicable)
  3. A copy of your South African identity document
  4. A description of the incident / accident
  5. The police reference (case number) (if applicable)
  6. A copy of your South African driver’s license, or a valid SADC license (in the case of a motor accident)
  7. Quotation for the loss, repair (if applicable)

Tips & Hints

  1. Vehicle keys - whenever your vehicle has been stolen / written off, the Insurer will need the vehicle keys and the spare keys. .
  2. Damaged items – please remember not to dispose any damaged items before you have notified us and supply us with a damage report which indicates the cause of the damage.
  3. Quote – please supply us with a quote for your loss / damaged items (only one)
  4. Motor accidents with another party of property – please obtain the following info:
    1. Other party name and contact details
    2. Other party ID number
    3. Other party vehicle registration & vehicle make
    4. Insurance details of the other party
    5. Take photos of the other parties vehicle license disk and damages to their vehicle
    6. Take as photos of the initial accident scene
    7. Correspondence from other parties – please contact us immediately and do not negotiate or promise the other party anything
  5. Stolen cell phones – please report it to the police and obtain an ITC number from your service provider
  6. Burglary claims – If your policy has a burglar alarm clause noted the insurer will need an activation report from the alarm service provider.


Novarti serves both small, medium-sized business owners and do tailor-made personal and business insurance in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We offer the full spectrum of tailor-made personal and business insurance products, including personal insurance for the individual. Our company has grown primarily through acquisitions and referrals and our team are all professional insurance specialists. We always strive to maintain the personal touch for which we’re well known, tailor-made personal and business insurance to our clients’ unique needs. Our clients deal with us on a first name basis and, because of the long-term relationships we have with them, they enjoy professional, efficient service from us.


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