Cycle Insurance

Our offering includes:

      • What We Do
        We ensure that you are covered for items and unfortunate events.
        You need to know that during training, transit or a racing event you have the correct cover in place.
      • Who We Are
        We always strive to maintain the person-al touch for which we’re well known, tai-lor-making insurance to our clients’ unique needs.
        Our clients deal with us on a first name basis and, because of the long-term relationships we have with them, they enjoy professional, efficient service from us.
      • Includes:
        Damage in transit
        Damage incurred whilst training
        Damage incurred whilst racing
        Legal Liability cover
        Medical cover
        Personal Accident cover
      • Excluded from cover:
        Wear & Tear
        Gradual deterioration
        Theft without forcible and violent entry / exit
        Theft from bike caddy if the bicycle was not locked onto the bike caddy
        Loss or damage to tyres by application of brakes or by road cuts, punctures or bursts or by road inequalities
        Mechanical or electrical breakdown
        Latent defects, metal fatigue or any other inherent vice or manufacturing defect.